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Turkish Rugs

Traditional Turkish rugs are made a little like a carpet, with a thick pile on the top. They are thicker than our kilims so are warmer and comfier under foot. They also come in wider variety of patterns with some being overdyed to help enhance the original patterns with a colour that brings it back to life.

Vintage Kilims

Kilims are usually hand-woven and are thinner than a traditional rug as they don’t have the thick pile on the top as you would expect to see on a carpet. Taking around 8-9 months to make from materials such as wool, cotton, silk and goat hair a flat weave technique is used to create a lightweight, attractive option with all the cultural elements you might be expecting from a Turkish rug.

Other Items

Here we have some smaller collections – some rugs with a longer hair pile called ‘Tulu’. Patchwork rugs made from off-cuts that’s we’ve stitched together to make a complete rugs.  We have storage sacks, cushions and key rings with some of them showing below and the rest coming shortly.