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How Our Rugs Are Restored

1. The dust is removed

We firstly removing any loose dust by using none destructive wooden spinners.

2. Each piece is then sheared

To get an even pile across the whole rug we shave it by hand with shearing tools ensuring the best texture across the whole rug.

3. Rugs are then washed

We then wash each rug using organic specialist cleaning products and huge, professional washing machines.

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4. Apply colouring (if necessary)

We only colour a few rugs depending on what we think will enhance the individual patterns and when they are coloured they really are transformed and brought to life.

5. The rugs are then air dried

After washing and / or colouring we leave the rugs out to dry naturally in the sun.

6. Repair

Finally we repair any damage the rugs may have picked up during their life. We do this with our own professional team that ensures any damages are well hidden.

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